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this album is my first introduction to Mother Mother.  it made a solid first impression, though; 10/11 tracks are great.  good energy throughout and nice to drive to.  of particular note are the female vocals; they’re really unique and contribute to the band’s distinctive sound.  anyhow here is what may or may not be the […]

i know this is old-ish already but i’ve kind of developed a liking for these guys due to their latest.  it’s a solid album; i can’t think of a track that stands out as bad on it.  in fact, all of the tracks are quite good.  seems to work for driving, which i’ve been doing […]

i can’t help but feel like i have, in the last year or two, undergone a change of heart to some extent upon revisiting this album.  hearing it now, it just works.  technical sophistication, a certain languor, and not a word of vocals (excepting the crowd in the live tracks).  throw this on while you’re […]

I’m not sure what it is about this album.  Taken individually, the songs are hit/miss.  Mostly good but there are a few that drag.  This album has to be listened to AS AN ALBUM.  I haven’t been able to put it down since August.  It’s rough listening to it on this lcd tv, the speakers […]

it’s good.  well, mostly.  splitting the atom and pray for rain drag a bit, but there are a lot of great tracks on there.  i really like babel, paradise circus and atlas air in particular.  worth a listen on a cloudy winter day (of which there are plenty til like april, thanks canada).

Way Out West’s new album, We Love Machine, is looking like a new favourite of mine.  Their last release, Don’t Look Now, was great to throw on repeat for those late-night study sessions or long drives (at night or on rainy days, preferrably).  I’m thinking this new one will be a great addition to these […]

just listening to this right now.  seems pretty good, although i’m not so sure i’m entirely into this type of music.  what strikes me the most is the cover; at first glance it seems kind of crappy.  if you look at it for a while though, it’s actually really beautiful and haunting: