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been thinking about long-term goals for my exercising, and i’ve come to an interesting conclusion.  fitness and health are not the same.  the intensive exercise required to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness can actually be detrimental to long-term health.  if i were interested in living forever (a la Ray Kurzweil) i’d be […]



found a nifty way of cranking out some exercise, despite my being excessively lazy. 40 pushups, 40 situps 35 pushups, 35 situps etc. until 5/5.  gives you 180/180 total.  DOES NOT FEEL LIKE ENOUGH.  BUT I’M LAZY.  considering throwing in back crunches, dips, squats or something like that.  but the pattern seems good for sustained […]

i’ve been hoping to vary the exercise i do as much as possible.  it’s kind of crappy at first because heavy resistance stuff doesn’t seem to hurt as much as pyramids (which kill the day after), so i don’t immediately feel as if it’s doing a good job for me.  however i’m happy to mix […]