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so uh


have no fear, this thing is still rolling.  albeit slowly.  been busy these past months. i’m gonna be a pilot, though.  just throwing that out there. in the meantime i need to maintain 170 pounds and probably cut some bodyfat so i can put on some muscle without gaining scale weight. Advertisements

human beings, for an extremely long time, were strictly hunter-gatherers.  males were hunters, seeking prey to drag home and roast.  females were gatherers, foraging for berries, roots, or whatever.  this societal structure was abandoned with the widespread adoption of agriculture.  however, the behaviours we learned so long ago are still present today… especially when we […]

news that bacteria have been found incorporating arsenic into their genetic material and macromolecules is great.  it’s confirmed the possibility of alternate biochemistries that may not require all of the 6 elements we considered necessary (O, N, C, P, S, H, in no particular order).  however it’s a little too soon to be crying OMG […]

lesson plans


marginally useful at best, as they’re all for old content.  but plagiarize away, i didn’t submit any of them so it’s all good. template sept 08 2010 G1 – how are you sept 11 2010 G1 Pacican – colours sept 11 2010 G2 – fav foods sept 13 2010 G2 GO – fav foods with […]

just lost a 2v5 yeah, the 2 won, wb and nh my kdr has dropped .4 since september ffs

the temperature is falling. i crave something i cannot identify. my back is kind of sore. there is a baby crying upstairs. i’m hydrated.

matthew woodson


check out his website some of my favs: he also did the album art for a couple of Keith Kenniff’s (Helios) albums, Caesura and Eingya: