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yeah, not fun.  could have been a lot worse, though.  it’s just interesting how traveling sends one into a miasma of cramped space, uncooperative cycles of both artificial and natural light and dark, dehydration, and horribly mauled circadian rhythms. nothing like a good hot cup of coffee (filtered!) to sort things out. Advertisements

bye, 中国


gonna be weird, heading home.  reverse culture shock is gonna be brutal, i think; so much space!  driving!  cold…

sometimes, giving up is the hardest thing to do.

china area pics




so i’m in china. it’s DIFFERENT. i will attempt to post much more. in any case these are a few of the DIFFERENT things i’ve seen/heard/SMELLED: smoking. everyone smokes. i think it’s a subtle form of population control. saw a dude smoking a cigarette with an unlit one in his other hand, good to go. […]