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looking through an old population ecology paper… no wonder i got a D or something like that. The findings of this study supported the initial hypothesis that there is a healthy, largely adult population of snails in the area that does not disperse greatly, as would be expected of snails. they are snails, after all.  […]


i think i will go back to school one day. although, it will not be the same as before.

seriously, this book (The Taming of the Samurai by Eiko Ikegami) has to be the most difficult read i’ve been through in ages (months?).  while she’s undoubtedly well-educated on the subject, i can’t help but think she’s overcomplicating things just a tad.  why use a simple phrase like “samurai honor culture was a product of […]

i just thought i’d share this. since most people studying at uni libraries are way overtired, there’s a particular atmosphere that you can find (especially around exams). people just lay their heads down and nap randomly, no big deal. it’s kind of nice; why can’t everywhere be like that?

no, i do not know what i could say about these things.  yes, i need to write 3000 words about these things.  kind of.  in the meantime, some things i’ve found through looking up my references: j-horror.  of all the things you could put a j in front of (pop, rock, etc.) i wasn’t aware […]

Sometimes reading too much in one day is a bad idea in terms of retention; if you try to absorb all those words, few of the ideas you encounter tend to stick.  Strangely enough, most of what I read seems to be sticking.  In particular it seems interesting that some things in Japanese culture seem […]