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According to his label, what may well be Nujabes’ last released work is coming out on December 3.  It’ll be awesome to hear it, as all his other stuff is phenomenal.  I can’t think of anything that sounds remotely like his work. Rest in peace, 瀬場潤.  I’m sure you are missed by those who knew […]

the xx – xx


i know i’m behind the eight ball on this one.  i finally gave it a listen, though.  it’s nice to hear something quiet and succinct for once. also, i’m detecting distinct Wicked Game riff in Infinity, not that that’s bad.  it was stolen subtly and well, at least.

this album is my first introduction to Mother Mother.  it made a solid first impression, though; 10/11 tracks are great.  good energy throughout and nice to drive to.  of particular note are the female vocals; they’re really unique and contribute to the band’s distinctive sound.  anyhow here is what may or may not be the […]

i know this is old-ish already but i’ve kind of developed a liking for these guys due to their latest.  it’s a solid album; i can’t think of a track that stands out as bad on it.  in fact, all of the tracks are quite good.  seems to work for driving, which i’ve been doing […]

i can’t help but feel like i have, in the last year or two, undergone a change of heart to some extent upon revisiting this album.  hearing it now, it just works.  technical sophistication, a certain languor, and not a word of vocals (excepting the crowd in the live tracks).  throw this on while you’re […]

I’m not sure what it is about this album.  Taken individually, the songs are hit/miss.  Mostly good but there are a few that drag.  This album has to be listened to AS AN ALBUM.  I haven’t been able to put it down since August.  It’s rough listening to it on this lcd tv, the speakers […]

matthew woodson


check out his website some of my favs: he also did the album art for a couple of Keith Kenniff’s (Helios) albums, Caesura and Eingya: