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to those in top/bot lane who consistently scream at mid for ganks: stop. seriously, stop.  if you’re losing the lane, then you’re losing the lane.  it happens from time to time and i accept that.  what i don’t accept, though, is when you blame it on me (your mid).  it’s not my fault you’re dying […]

there are a few things i’ve realized while trying to solo to 1700 (not trying very hard).  a couple of generalities, more specifically, that affect gameplay and the match’s outcome: do not play when you’re tired.  you will react slower and check the minimap less frequently. don’t play when you’re in a bad mood.  you […]

madman guide


the following is a brief, item-focused guide on . after much research, as he is my fav/most played, i’ve pared down all the possibilities to two main item builds.  skill build is always the same, i don’t really see a better way of doing it.  i haven’t included playstyle in here, as i’m assuming anyone […]

just lost a 2v5 yeah, the 2 won, wb and nh my kdr has dropped .4 since september ffs