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so uh


have no fear, this thing is still rolling.  albeit slowly.  been busy these past months. i’m gonna be a pilot, though.  just throwing that out there. in the meantime i need to maintain 170 pounds and probably cut some bodyfat so i can put on some muscle without gaining scale weight. Advertisements

been thinking about long-term goals for my exercising, and i’ve come to an interesting conclusion.  fitness and health are not the same.  the intensive exercise required to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness can actually be detrimental to long-term health.  if i were interested in living forever (a la Ray Kurzweil) i’d be […]

burnt out


been a tough time.  dunno what it was about my last run but my brain feels too big for my head.  sore throat.  horrible cough.  can’t sleep for shit.  ah well.  at least the pushups were good, my anterior deltoids feel quite nice. i believe i will withdraw from society again and get some noodles […]



found a nifty way of cranking out some exercise, despite my being excessively lazy. 40 pushups, 40 situps 35 pushups, 35 situps etc. until 5/5.  gives you 180/180 total.  DOES NOT FEEL LIKE ENOUGH.  BUT I’M LAZY.  considering throwing in back crunches, dips, squats or something like that.  but the pattern seems good for sustained […]

i’ve been hoping to vary the exercise i do as much as possible.  it’s kind of crappy at first because heavy resistance stuff doesn’t seem to hurt as much as pyramids (which kill the day after), so i don’t immediately feel as if it’s doing a good job for me.  however i’m happy to mix […]

in the clinch


when two fighters are at all locked by the grip of one or both individuals, attempting to maintain the inner grip is imperative.  this will aid in both defense and improve leverage and any opportunities for a throw.  elbows are also useful here; with one hand maintaining an inside grip on your opponent’s shirt you […]