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finally got around to doing something about the matrix’s piss poor stock audio system.  the thing has a button that says AUX on it but doesn’t actually do anything.  nor does it have a 3.5 mm jack like it ought to.  so, rather than trying to find a decent FM transmitter (which would be nigh […]

i worry about the next time i sit in the driver’s seat.  the only automotive inspiration i’ve had in the past three months has been shanghainese taxicabs and drunk go-karting. (which seem frighteningly similar in retrospect)

400, 401, 427


strange thing to miss, but i’ll never forget commuting back from york on a cold ass winter night.  final straw on repeat.  headlights on dark roads, no traffic. delicious, home-cooked food waiting for me.

timing lights


it’s great.  it’s awesome.  you can’t go wrong timing a light.  it’s a great way to save gas, and it’ll get you there faster too, if you do it right.  people seem to hate it sometimes though; i guess they don’t see that the light is red up ahead and that you’re just coasting to […]

nobody looks happy when they drive in the morning.  everyone tailgates, speeds, runs lights, and generally acts insane.  people also tend to cut others off without consideration, and use their signals far too infrequently.  (i am guilty of all these things). would anyone act in this way to other people if they weren’t in a […]



does anyone even drive standard anymore?  i’ve always thought it’d be such a great thing if everyone used a manual transmission, it’d save so much gas. i guess, though, that automatics will eventually become so well-engineered that they’ll be more fuel efficient than a standard shift since they’ll be better able to set the correct […]

well, it’s been raining a lot and this tends to make for a great commute.  not as bad as it could be; traffic always seems worse the other way.  whichever way you go, however, everyone is in a hurry.  it’s kind of crazy how a lot of people drive, but they do, and they don’t […]