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finally got around to doing something about the matrix’s piss poor stock audio system.  the thing has a button that says AUX on it but doesn’t actually do anything.  nor does it have a 3.5 mm jack like it ought to.  so, rather than trying to find a decent FM transmitter (which would be nigh […]

oh and


inception, in accordance with its timely release on december 7, is out now on the series of tubes.  got the maxspeed rip, it looks good.  but i bet the other ones are too.

we’re trying to foster creativity in our neighbourhood’s SSIDs.  it’s clearly not working.  “good” is a nice try, though.

i’m cool


was helping out a buddy the other day, he needed help installing east asian character support for xp without a cd.  t i c.  found myself a fresh xp sp3 install (ah, memories), cut out \I386, rearchive, upload, etc etc.  rather than using the whole iso plus virtual drive shenanigans.  got a good chance to […]



so the great firewall has decided, for reasons it will not divulge, to block only the css for wordpress.  these dns redirects are killing me, my hosts file looks like swiss cheese edit: swiss cheese consisting entirely of facebook ips and, Hajime no Ippo could be some pretty good inspiration



this game is looking pretty good.  procedural generation of guns and landscape, open-ended environment, and the graphics are really unconventional.  also, the co-op looks like it’ll be pretty solid, which is always good.  not that i’ll have time to ever play it though, haha.  but maybe it will be nice to have, so i can […]