to those in top/bot lane who consistently scream at mid for ganks:


seriously, stop.  if you’re losing the lane, then you’re losing the lane.  it happens from time to time and i accept that.  what i don’t accept, though, is when you blame it on me (your mid).  it’s not my fault you’re dying so much.  it’s my job to get my core up (at least boots, power supply, etc) before i gank, and i have to deny the other mid freefarm.  so don’t call for ganks before i’m 6, and before i have any items.  it’s most likely a lose-lose for the team when i burn money on a homecoming stone and we don’t kill anyway.

of particular note are mids that shouldn’t gank at all without a favourable rune or an ideal setup.

ss, keeper, soul reaper, defiler etc.

if a carry (not a semicarry ganker) gets stuck mid for some reason, they also shouldn’t be running around ganking.  mid levels and farm are extremely valuable, and you lose out on that when you’re running around trying to score kills on a sidelane.

tldr; stop the blamegame when your lane fails.  ask nicely for ganks (at 6 at the earliest unless there’s a good tablet spawn).


One Response to “MID GANK NAO PLZ”

  1. 1 me

    Gank bot! omg you nap mid!

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