shopping behaviour stems from primitive societal traits


human beings, for an extremely long time, were strictly hunter-gatherers.  males were hunters, seeking prey to drag home and roast.  females were gatherers, foraging for berries, roots, or whatever.  this societal structure was abandoned with the widespread adoption of agriculture.  however, the behaviours we learned so long ago are still present today… especially when we go SHOPPING.

males: we are still the hunters.  we know what we want, it’s very specific, we charge straight for it, we get it, we leave.  mission accomplished.

females: ever the gatherers.  females like to browse, to peruse, to see what’s around and what looks good.  this is why it can take women FOR EVER to shop.

so, next time your wife takes a geologically significant period of time to buy eggs and milk, cut her some slack.  it’s evolutionary, after all.


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