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madman guide


the following is a brief, item-focused guide on . after much research, as he is my fav/most played, i’ve pared down all the possibilities to two main item builds.  skill build is always the same, i don’t really see a better way of doing it.  i haven’t included playstyle in here, as i’m assuming anyone […]

news that bacteria have been found incorporating arsenic into their genetic material and macromolecules is great.  it’s confirmed the possibility of alternate biochemistries that may not require all of the 6 elements we considered necessary (O, N, C, P, S, H, in no particular order).  however it’s a little too soon to be crying OMG […]

i can’t help but feel like i have, in the last year or two, undergone a change of heart to some extent upon revisiting this album.  hearing it now, it just works.  technical sophistication, a certain languor, and not a word of vocals (excepting the crowd in the live tracks).  throw this on while you’re […]