exercise is so complicated


been thinking about long-term goals for my exercising, and i’ve come to an interesting conclusion.  fitness and health are not the same.  the intensive exercise required to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness can actually be detrimental to long-term health.  if i were interested in living forever (a la Ray Kurzweil) i’d be doing mild to moderate cardio a few times a week (and probably not running, as it’s a little tough on the knees).

however, that’s not what i’m aiming for.  i want to gain more muscle, more stamina, and drop some body fat.  healthy?  maybe not.  i don’t mind.  trying to live forever is foolish.  also, more exercise is preferable to less.  or none at all.  it’s tough, though, deciding on how to go about getting in damn good shape (i’m already in pretty good shape, so i must distinguish my hopeful future condition as damn good shape).

looks to me like there are two ways i could go about it.

  1. minimal cardio, eat like a pig, and bulk up as much as possible.  after i put on enough muscle, cut the fat by increasing cardio.
  2. gradual buildup.  maintain cardio and slowly put on lean muscle, until i’ve reached my desired weight.

1 is probably faster, but i think overall i’ll probably go with 2.  avoiding cardio would give me less stamina overall, and i’d have to go through a period of higher body fat.  2 will take longer since the cardio will make weight gain more difficult, but i’ll keep my body fat percentage down and get the benefit of awesome stamina by the time i reach my desired level.  either way, it won’t be easy.  those 5 pounds from china may help though (although they are mostly in my gut).


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