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been thinking about long-term goals for my exercising, and i’ve come to an interesting conclusion.  fitness and health are not the same.  the intensive exercise required to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness can actually be detrimental to long-term health.  if i were interested in living forever (a la Ray Kurzweil) i’d be […]



yeah, not fun.  could have been a lot worse, though.  it’s just interesting how traveling sends one into a miasma of cramped space, uncooperative cycles of both artificial and natural light and dark, dehydration, and horribly mauled circadian rhythms. nothing like a good hot cup of coffee (filtered!) to sort things out.

bye, 中国


gonna be weird, heading home.  reverse culture shock is gonna be brutal, i think; so much space!  driving!  cold…

lesson plans


marginally useful at best, as they’re all for old content.  but plagiarize away, i didn’t submit any of them so it’s all good. template sept 08 2010 G1 – how are you sept 11 2010 G1 Pacican – colours sept 11 2010 G2 – fav foods sept 13 2010 G2 GO – fav foods with […]

i worry about the next time i sit in the driver’s seat.  the only automotive inspiration i’ve had in the past three months has been shanghainese taxicabs and drunk go-karting. (which seem frighteningly similar in retrospect)

sometimes, giving up is the hardest thing to do.

oh and


inception, in accordance with its timely release on december 7, is out now on the series of tubes.  got the maxspeed rip, it looks good.  but i bet the other ones are too.