so i’m in china. it’s DIFFERENT. i will attempt to post much more. in any case these are a few of the DIFFERENT things i’ve seen/heard/SMELLED:

  • smoking. everyone smokes. i think it’s a subtle form of population control. saw a dude smoking a cigarette with an unlit one in his other hand, good to go. i think he wishes for death.
  • food. rice. noodles. chicken head. parts of cows and pigs that i don’t recognize. unknown, delicious vegetables. chicken feet. no cereal =(. many other delicious things i don’t know the name of. i’ve eaten an INSANE amount here. i’m gonna have to bench my weight EVERY DAY if i don’t want to turn to sludge. or run. but that’s kind of difficult with the puddles.
  • puddles. don’t ask what’s in them. just don’t step in them. babies have holes cut in their pants. SAVE ON DIAPERS!
  • smells! oh god the smells. sometimes delicious. more often horrifying. the DQ in Hangzhou smells like human feces. i am not exaggerating. my buddy and i simultaneously said the entire phrase “dead horse in the freezer”.
  • animals. there are random dogs and cats everywhere. they’re bizarre. dogs were trained in chinese so they don’t understand you.
  • CRIPPLED TOY SALESMAN. he now haunts my dreams.
  • pictures. i am now in the photo albums of many random chinese girls. perhaps the mantelpiece as well.
  • space. there’s not as much of it. i got over it. when i get back to canada i’m running through the woods screaming.
  • Home. you don’t know what you have until you leave it behind.

i’ll throw up some pics in the next post.  i’m not very skilled with this interface (which is poor).


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