timing lights


it’s great.  it’s awesome.  you can’t go wrong timing a light.  it’s a great way to save gas, and it’ll get you there faster too, if you do it right.  people seem to hate it sometimes though; i guess they don’t see that the light is red up ahead and that you’re just coasting to save gas.  then they act all perplexed when they’re starting from a standstill at the light and you breeze past them.

the biggest thing is whether you can see what the light is doing as you’re heading up to it.  it also helps to know the intersection, some lights maintain timing from one to the next so you can always time them perfectly.  traffic is also an important consideration of course, you have to factor in extra time (especially for slow starters like buses).  but if you get your timing perfect (especially in an empty lane next to someone who is stopped) you can really see the difference.


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