popular culture and japanese popular culture


no, i do not know what i could say about these things.  yes, i need to write 3000 words about these things.  kind of.  in the meantime, some things i’ve found through looking up my references:

  • j-horror.  of all the things you could put a j in front of (pop, rock, etc.) i wasn’t aware of this one.  ex. marebito:

    i'm pretty sure they photoshopped on the dress

  • images from Ghost in the Shell.  really cyberpunk; they make you think a lot (more the canals than the fingers.  the fingers just make me think about computers controlling other computers, robots making other robots, and people becoming pretty much useless.  the canals give off a more dystopic, urban vibe).  well they make me think anyway.  but i probably think too much.  From William Gardner’s (2009) The Cyber Sublime and the Virtual Mirror: Information and Media in the Works of Oshii Mamoru and Kon Satoshi.  Canadian Journal of Film Studies.  18(1): 44.
  • GITS fingers


    GITS canal signs

    i tried to google “pop culture” to see if i could get an idea as to what it is, since i’m obviously so out of touch with reality that i don’t know for myself.  i came up with this:

    the fact that this is popular... goddamn, i shouldn't even bitch, bitching at mtv is really overdone.

    it’d be nice if we had something more interesting occupying the mainstream than The Hills, Cribz or whatever kids watch these days.  Something actually interesting would be nice (but still involving explosions), i’m hoping the intellectual demographic isn’t that low.

    Oh, and get off my lawn.


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