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this morning i woke up before my alarm at 5:37 am.  after setting it for later i went back to sleep.  i dreamt the whole night; probably too much Basilisk before i fell asleep.  it’s also hard to sleep when there’s something on my mind.  i guess things can never be so easy though… Advertisements

i’ve been hoping to vary the exercise i do as much as possible.  it’s kind of crappy at first because heavy resistance stuff doesn’t seem to hurt as much as pyramids (which kill the day after), so i don’t immediately feel as if it’s doing a good job for me.  however i’m happy to mix […]

i just thought i’d share this. since most people studying at uni libraries are way overtired, there’s a particular atmosphere that you can find (especially around exams). people just lay their heads down and nap randomly, no big deal. it’s kind of nice; why can’t everywhere be like that?

Way Out West’s new album, We Love Machine, is looking like a new favourite of mine.  Their last release, Don’t Look Now, was great to throw on repeat for those late-night study sessions or long drives (at night or on rainy days, preferrably).  I’m thinking this new one will be a great addition to these […]

no, i do not know what i could say about these things.  yes, i need to write 3000 words about these things.  kind of.  in the meantime, some things i’ve found through looking up my references: j-horror.  of all the things you could put a j in front of (pop, rock, etc.) i wasn’t aware […]