commuting =/= soul… and Final Straw


well, it’s been raining a lot and this tends to make for a great commute.  not as bad as it could be; traffic always seems worse the other way.  whichever way you go, however, everyone is in a hurry.  it’s kind of crazy how a lot of people drive, but they do, and they don’t even crash most of the time.

i find that the people who speed the most tend to be either fat, middle-aged women who feel empowered by their SUVs or guys my age who are rocking as much testosterone as gasoline.  either way, people, you’d feel better if you relaxed.  you’d also save a surprising amount of gas.

i’ve been listening to the same album on the way to and from school since probably the start of september.  i just never have the free hand or the willpower to change it.  also, it’s actually quite a good album: Snow Patrol – Final Straw.  for some reason it doesn’t seem to have sold as well as Eyes Open (also a great album imo) but i find it to be the better of the two.  strangely enough the two biggest hits from each album (Run and Chasing Cars) stick out as the more tedious tracks of their respective works.  nonetheless i do recommend Final Straw, especially for driving, especially on a rainy or snowy day.

i suggest that you get this album, or bittorrent it, you know what i mean.


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