first post…?


i suppose this’ll help when i get a little pissed off at school, or the terrible traffic that seems omnipresent, or whatever life may regurgitate at any given moment.  not that i’m always angry or stressed at things like that, it’s really an occasional thing that deep breathing usually clears out.

i learned, over several years of dabbling in the martial arts, that the most common form of deep, meditative breathing tends to be one where the diaphragm is used extensively.  the “baby’s breath”, as it were, since i guess babies breathe like that before they learn to be stressed, and load up on caffeine and cortisol and other things we all enjoy.  if you do it properly you’ll find your stomach distends and you get a really good amount of air in you.  exhalation should last about twice as long as the inhalation, and when finished you should feel as if your stomach is glued to your spine.

while i’m still unsure about chakra circulation and chi and all those kinds of things prevalent in some of the martial arts, it seems physiologically sensible that getting a good, deep breath is helpful in any case.  it’s just one of those things that we rarely stop to think about.

/end rant… well a gentle rant anyway


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