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this game is looking pretty good.  procedural generation of guns and landscape, open-ended environment, and the graphics are really unconventional.  also, the co-op looks like it’ll be pretty solid, which is always good.  not that i’ll have time to ever play it though, haha.  but maybe it will be nice to have, so i can […]

in the clinch


when two fighters are at all locked by the grip of one or both individuals, attempting to maintain the inner grip is imperative.  this will aid in both defense and improve leverage and any opportunities for a throw.  elbows are also useful here; with one hand maintaining an inside grip on your opponent’s shirt you […]

nobody looks happy when they drive in the morning.  everyone tailgates, speeds, runs lights, and generally acts insane.  people also tend to cut others off without consideration, and use their signals far too infrequently.  (i am guilty of all these things). would anyone act in this way to other people if they weren’t in a […]

the one thing i don’t like about the winter is that canoeing is kind of hard, what with the sub zero weather and frozen lakes.  also, even in the summer i never get out enough.  it’s so beautiful around Lake Temagami; with the right weather it’s a paradise.  my favourite places are the north end […]

shitty weather


i think i have S.A.D. because i always get in a bad mood when the weather turns bad for good… oh well, sailing tomorrow.  last run of the year, after that my dad and i are gonna take the mast down and ready the cat for winter.

just listening to this right now.  seems pretty good, although i’m not so sure i’m entirely into this type of music.  what strikes me the most is the cover; at first glance it seems kind of crappy.  if you look at it for a while though, it’s actually really beautiful and haunting:



does anyone even drive standard anymore?  i’ve always thought it’d be such a great thing if everyone used a manual transmission, it’d save so much gas. i guess, though, that automatics will eventually become so well-engineered that they’ll be more fuel efficient than a standard shift since they’ll be better able to set the correct […]