According to his label, what may well be Nujabes’ last released work is coming out on December 3.  It’ll be awesome to hear it, as all his other stuff is phenomenal.  I can’t think of anything that sounds remotely like his work.

Rest in peace, 瀬場潤.  I’m sure you are missed by those who knew you.

Tr1. Spiritual state featuring Uyama Hiroto
Tr2. Sky is Tumbling featuring Cise Star
Tr3. Gone Are The Day featuring Uyama Hiroto
Tr4. Spirale
Tr5. City Light featuring Substantial & Pase Rock
Tr6. Color of Autumn
Tr7. Down on the Side
Tr8. Yes featuring Pase Rock
Tr9. Rainy Way Back Home
Tr10. Far fowls
Tr11. Fellows
Tr12. Waiting for the clouds featuring Substantial
Tr13. Prayer
Tr14. Island featuring Uyama Hiroto&haruka nakamura


the xx – xx


i know i’m behind the eight ball on this one.  i finally gave it a listen, though.  it’s nice to hear something quiet and succinct for once.

also, i’m detecting distinct Wicked Game riff in Infinity, not that that’s bad.  it was stolen subtly and well, at least.

looking through an old population ecology paper… no wonder i got a D or something like that.

The findings of this study supported the initial hypothesis that there is a healthy, largely adult population of snails in the area that does not disperse greatly, as would be expected of snails.

they are snails, after all.  why are we studying the dispersal of an organism renowned for its lack of movement?

so uh


have no fear, this thing is still rolling.  albeit slowly.  been busy these past months.

i’m gonna be a pilot, though.  just throwing that out there.

in the meantime i need to maintain 170 pounds and probably cut some bodyfat so i can put on some muscle without gaining scale weight.

to those in top/bot lane who consistently scream at mid for ganks:


seriously, stop.  if you’re losing the lane, then you’re losing the lane.  it happens from time to time and i accept that.  what i don’t accept, though, is when you blame it on me (your mid).  it’s not my fault you’re dying so much.  it’s my job to get my core up (at least boots, power supply, etc) before i gank, and i have to deny the other mid freefarm.  so don’t call for ganks before i’m 6, and before i have any items.  it’s most likely a lose-lose for the team when i burn money on a homecoming stone and we don’t kill anyway.

of particular note are mids that shouldn’t gank at all without a favourable rune or an ideal setup.

ss, keeper, soul reaper, defiler etc.

if a carry (not a semicarry ganker) gets stuck mid for some reason, they also shouldn’t be running around ganking.  mid levels and farm are extremely valuable, and you lose out on that when you’re running around trying to score kills on a sidelane.

tldr; stop the blamegame when your lane fails.  ask nicely for ganks (at 6 at the earliest unless there’s a good tablet spawn).

this album is my first introduction to Mother Mother.  it made a solid first impression, though; 10/11 tracks are great.  good energy throughout and nice to drive to.  of particular note are the female vocals; they’re really unique and contribute to the band’s distinctive sound.  anyhow here is what may or may not be the first single:

it’s like paradise.  spread out with a butter knife.


edit: fuck vevo with a rusty hatchet.


edit 2: i love how there are not actually 11 tracks.

there are a few things i’ve realized while trying to solo to 1700 (not trying very hard).  a couple of generalities, more specifically, that affect gameplay and the match’s outcome:

  • do not play when you’re tired.  you will react slower and check the minimap less frequently.
  • don’t play when you’re in a bad mood.  you will overextend yourself for kills.  you’ll also be more likely to flame teammates and reduce team synergy.
  • never flame people on your team.  even if they’re bad, you won’t play as well together if your whole team is arguing.
  • try to break up arguments between other members on your team.
  • if your supports aren’t warding, or are only warding the other side of the map, BUY WARDS.  you need to have vision to spot incoming ganks, it’s well worth the 100 gold to provide vision/map control and to save you the cost of dying (which is much much more, considering the lost gold, lost farm time, lost lane control, gold to your opponents).
  • levels are very important.  be mindful not only of your farm but of your exp.
  • don’t play for stats.  don’t overextend for kills, and always be happy to let the carry or your mid ks.
  • always be doing something.  if you’re sitting around, you won’t accomplish anything.
    • carries should be doing one of the following:
      • farming
      • stacking at opportune times (esp if your support isn’t stacking)
      • participating in close, accessible ganks
      • teamfighting
    • supports should be doing one of the following:
      • stacking
      • pulling
      • counterganking
      • harassing
      • denying
      • farming (if the carry is not in the lane)
      • warding
    • gankers/mids should be doing one of the following:
      • farming (although if you’re the mid, don’t sit in a lane and leech gold/exp unless you’re all going to go for the tower)
      • rune control (if mid)
      • warding one or both runes (if supports do not)
      • ganking successfully (if not you will only lose farm/exp and allow the other mid to freefarm)
      • counterganking
  • perhaps most importantly, maintain a positive attitude.